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3.2 Determination of glass transition temperature (Tg)
 Differential scanning calorimeter (DSC)
3.1 Percentage Determination of filler 
Box type resistance furnace (Ma Fulu)  
Withstand voltage test machine
 1.3  Gel time measurement
Gel time meter
 Simple supported beam impact test machine
3.4 Determination of impact properties
3.3 Mechanical properties
(tensile, bending, compressive strength)
Electronic universal testing machine
controlled by Microcomputer  
Coil casting simulation mold
Rotary viscometer 
1.2  Available time analysis   
Spline mold 
Spline mold
3.5 Measurement of electrical properties

1、Process parameter experiment project:

1.1  Viscosity measurement

3、Curable test experiment project:

Test the mechanical and electrical properties according to the different requirements of customers.


2、Make samples:

According to the different requirements of customers, make test blocks or splines.